WTF? czy tylko mnie wkurzają nowe zasady w skokach…


Szczerze powiedziawszy… Najpierw bardzo krytycznie się odnosiłam do tego pomysłu. Ale jak spojrzałam na to z innej perspektywy (po wypowiedzi Kruczka, Kota, Kamila…) to nie wydają się takie złe. Ciężko się przyzwyczaić do nowości, zawsze tak jest, ale te zasady mają dobre strony. To, że liczą się kwalifikacje sprawia, że zawody są bardziej fair - wykluczamy losowość. To, że trzeba wyjść z grupy jest na pewno ciekawe, ale sprawia, że będąc najlepszym, wcale nie musisz wygrać (jak Kamil w Wiśle). Ogółem - jkaby dopracować mogłoby to być całkiem ok.

can someone translate??

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Ask me something about ski jumping or just write me, i love meeting new people :))

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1.- 7. I already answered

8.What is your opinion about Walter Hofer?

I think he’s nice. Sometimes his desicions are a little bit wierd but he’s trying to do the best for ski jumping. I think he’s work in general is really good.

9.Which ski flying hill is your favourite?


10. Where you think the world record should be? Vikersund, Planica, maybe Kulm? Planicaaa!

12. Your comment on Schlierenzauer - Pointner “fight” and consequent Pointner’s lay-off.

I think Pointner did a good job all this years and austrian team will miss him a lot. 

14. Which ski jumping hill, which hasn’t a match in WC yet, do you think should get one? Kranj, maybe Villach.

15. Who is in your opinion the cutest ski jumper?

Atle P. Roensen, Jan Ziobro

17. already answered

18. What do you think about new rules in ski jumping?

I think the new rule, that one with 4 grups, won’t really good influence on match because it will make it a bit unfair. But i like that dresses are bigger.

19. Do the judges have too big influence on the disentanglement?

I think so.. 

20. Do you collect autographs? How many do you already have?

Yes I do. I think I already have all in my books and i have also about 100 cards but I still need Ahonen’s autograph in my book then it’s complete.

21. already answered

22.Have you ever “fall in love” with one of jumpers? Who?

Hahaha no answer..

23. If you could change something in ski jumping, what would it be?

I would be there instead of Walter Hofer :DD

28-33. are already answered

thanks for asking :))

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hi, you're cool:) 17, 21, 30?

as first thank you a lot :))

17. Who would you like to win WC this year?

Peter Prevc for sure!

21. Who is the most sympathic coach?

Haha Küncle or maybe also Stöckl. But Werner Schuster is the hottest!

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  1.  Your biggest wish for comming winter season?

Amm Peter Prevc to win WC, i hope that ski jumping hill in Planica will be built till end and we will get new wc. And about me, I hope I will meet as many ski jumpers as possible.

2.  Are you going to watch any competition in live this year?


3. Who was for you the biggest suprise of last season?

Actually Peter Prevc. And maybe not such success in team Austria, especially Schlieri.

4.Which ski jumper dissapointed you the most last season?

Schlierenzauer, Romoren with ending his career.

5. If you would have a chance to meet one ski jumper in person, who would you choose?

Without thinking, Janne Ahonen! Then also Harri Olli, Hilde, Fannemel..

6. Have you ever meet a ski jumper? Who?

Yes I have. Like with who I talked? amm Mietus, Kuba Kot, Zyla, Stoch, Maciej Kot, Fannemel, Morgenstern, Velta, Hajek, Happonen..

I also said few words with Ziobro, Sedlak, Janda, Klinga, Atle P. Roensen.

7. When and why did you start watching ski jumping?

At the age of 6 or 7, but idk why.

25. If you could marry one ski jumper, who would you chose?

Because of personality: Prevc, Ammann or Morgi, because of look Atle or Jan Ziobro, because he’s he: Janne Ahonen

26. Many people have predjuces that all ski jumpers are like Matti Nykänen. What do you think about it?

You can’t say that all drink and party so much. But some of them really do..

27. Are ski jumpers too skinny?


28. Have you ever sent fanmail/ letter to a ski jumper?

Unfortunatelly yes.

29. Ski jumpers, partys, alcohol - what do you think about this and all stories we hear about it?

Hmm no comment..

30. If you could choose one ski jumper who is already retired to come back, who would you choose?

Bjorn Einer Romoren

31. Your favourite memory with you any ski jumping.

Planica 2012

32. Post a photo about you and ski jumping.

This photo is already few years old but it’s all I have on computer.

33.Memory about ski jumping which makes you laugh.

On every match I was you find something funny..

Thanks for asking :))

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Where are you from? :)

ask me unanonimously and i tell you on private :))

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Freitag-Kraus, Austria-Germany, Kuttin-Janus?





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